Make sure that system works: Try it before buying.

We created the simulator because we constantly see scammers and so-called “professional tipsters” who claim that 146% of their bets are winners, that they never lose and guarantee that everyone who pays them money will get rich. We don’t want to flog a pig in a poke. Try it, check the different strategies, put in your bankroll and see the results for yourself before you buy Thoroughbet.

The strategy you want to use to start earn money with betting
Restrict the simulation to bet only for (backing) or against (laying) a horse. Usually you'll want to bet in both directions, though, laying requires a larger bankroll to effectively work with.
The total amount of money that you decided to dedicate to betting.
Modified and more safe version of Kelly criterion. We are suggesting to keep this number between 0,5 and 1
Select values from 0 up to around 0.2, in order to filter more promising betting occasions. Too high values will miss good opportunities, too low ones may pick suboptimal opportunities.
Transaction fees of the provider. Wins are reduced by this percentage. Fees usually depend on your betting volume. The more you bet, the lower your fees.
No races found in the selected timerange