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We’ve created a tool that allows you to find the most advantageous bet by weighting the available odds against the horse’s actual chances of winning the race. We do not claim that our system can predict the winner of every race. We do claim that using our tool correctly will make your profits exceed your losses by far.

When you purchase ThoroughBet, you get comprehensive data on all horses and races in the UK. You’ll be free to develop your own strategy or to use the strategy presented by a betting professional. Don't miss your chance to start earn money through betting!

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A system developed by scientists with a background in machine learning and statistics
Comprehensive data on every horse participating in all UK and Irish races
Working system that will bring you 30% ROI or higher
In essence, the present betting markets are so advanced that a high level of proficiency in statistics, probability theory and machine learning is necessary for success. We possess the necessary background

And thanks to this background, we’ve developed a sophisticated mathematical model that analyzes huge amounts of data using complicated statistical and machine learning algorithms. Over the past years we’ve collected a substantial data on horse races, both by buying them from services and by scraping them from various open sources. As a result, we have a fairly comprehensive picture on the races. At the end of this process, the system computes the winning probability for every participating horse in every race and compares it with the bookmaker’s odds in order to find the most advantageous bet with the highest expected profit.