Thoroughbet is about to launch the closed beta test

Thoroughbet is proud to announce that closed beta-test phase is about to launch. Every participant will get the 80% discount for the first month of usage Thoroughbet. We are mostly looking for the experienced betters but the opinion of the beginners is also very important for us so everyone are welcome! Hurry up, the seats are limited!

To take part in Thoroughbet's closed beta test, drop us a line about your betting experience via e-mail or visit Buy Now section (you must register to do that).

Please note that we will charge small fee amounting to 1 euro for every participant. Why will we do this? We are aiming in cooperation with people who are interested in actual betting, not some freebie-seekers. If you are not willing to spend any money - why will you need to learn about betting services in the first place? And one euro it's more than convenient amount to any person.

Do not miss your chance to be among the first ones who will skim the cream off the Thoroughbet - scientific horse racing betting advisor, essential part of every successful better of the future!