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How to become our partner

Piece of cake! You need to do the next steps:

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How to get more money from the Thoroughbet affiliate program

In our experience, the following ways offer the best chances to engage people:
  1. Use the Social Networks, Luke! Seriously, this is probably the most obvious and easiest way to let people know about any product you’re promoting. Just share your earnings (you wouldn’t promote a product you’re not using by yourself, right?) with Thoroughbet. Fairness is the most attractive strategy.
  2. Forums are also a great place to promote Thoroughbet. If you’re reading this, then you’re interested in horse racing. So find the forums, spread the word about Thoroughbet, get a reward and an opportunity to meet friends who share the same interest.
  3. If you have a blog, you may want to write an article or create a video about Thoroughbet or that compares different handicapping software. Use attractive headlines, and don’t forget to add CTA into your article to increase the chance reader will click the link.
  4. Make a banner and post it on your website. People love banners, especially good-looking ones.