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What is Thoroughbet

Thoroughbet is the proprietary up-to-date scientific system which analyses data of every horse, jockey, weather, state of ground, punter’s expectations and much more in order to predict the outcome of the every horse race in United Kingdom. Read ...

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Why it works

Thanks to our deep scientific background we have developed a sophisticated mathematical model that is able to analyze the big pieces of data with the help of complicated statistical and machine learning algorithms Read ...

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By using ThoroughBet you'll get

Downloadable ratings for each horse in every British and Irish horse race.

A system developed by scientists - machine learning PhDs and programmers who have spent over 5 years in successfully predicting the results of British horse races

Separate products: easy-to-use for wannabe successful betters and a .csv spreadsheet with a lots of data for hardcore handicappers


Why do you don’t offer a money-back guarantee? Most tipsters have one.

First of all, we are not tipsters. Second, we provide a simulation that allows you to try our system before you actually buy it.

Why do you sell your predictions at all instead of using them privately?

If our numbers were any good, wouldn't we be well advised to just use them privately and happily get rich on our own? Why on earth would we be inclined to disclose them and share our profits with half the world? So in the end, what compels us to make such a seemingly ill advised step to sell our predictions unless it's some kind of scam!

The truth is, there are some absolutely valid reasons to sell such numbers, even if they are not obvious at first glance. Our main motivation stems from the frustration with an almost monopolistic betting provider. We have become one of the top 0.1% of their most successful customers. Greedy as they are, they currently take about half of our earnings in the form of premium charges. Of course this is frustrating, which compels us to look for other ways of diversifying our business, even if this entails the commercialization of parts of our previously well preserved predictions. The other reason is simply that we have arrived at a such a high turnover that the profits are limited by the liquidity of the markets. It is an intrinsic law of the markets that placing more and more money will force you to accept ever worse prices. Finally, it is a matter of spreading the risk to try not to depend on betting providers and changing legislation but having alternative sources of income and creating a more robust business model overall.

How do I know, that all this seemingly promising statistics did not get manipulated?

Don't trust us, trust math and cryptography. Unlike many other tipster services we strongly dislike racing-index.com, since it allows tipsters to manipulate their recommendations until minutes before the race, and you never really know, whether even older, seemingly historical data was compromised, either accidentally or on purpose. What we do instead is hashing and timestamping our predictions every morning as soon as they are available. The hash is stored by different timestamping authorities and even incorporated into the bitcoin blockchain. That way, post hoc manipulation of our predictions is provably impossible. Any post hoc manipulation of the files by us or by third parties would produce a different hash, and any manipulation would be immediately visible.

What exactly is included in the abonnement?

Every day around midnight we provide new predictions for the day. The predictions are available as a CSV file for download and import into common bet processing software. We also provide explicit betting guides in the member section. For analysis and simulations, we also provide a second file at the end of the day, which contains all race results and Betfair starting prices (BSP).

How do I use the predictions?

Well, that's entirely up to you. We personally use them for automated betting, following a bunch of different rules and parameters. Automation is the key to keep personal fears and emotions out of your betting, and also saves your time from boring repetitive hours in front of the screen. There are a bunch of semi-automated programs out there, that support CSV file import, and you can set up your own filters and rules there.

What amount of profits can I expect?

That depends largely on your strategy, when to actually place a bet, and your activity. 30% monthly growth of the invested bankroll is something we frequently see ourselves. Though again, it has it's limitations in terms of available liquidity, which gives an upper bound to the amount of money that you can sensibly throw in. So, unfortunately it's no exponential growth, even if we all would love to see that.

Why are you better than your competitors?

Again, don't believe us, don't believe them, don't believe anyone who wants to sell you something. Do your own research, compare the offers and the quality of the predictions. Also, have an eye open and keep potential scam in mind. And we're quite optimistic that you'll want to come back to us afterwards. You also may find our comparison of all racing-index listed tipsters helpful, but then again, don't trust us, compare them yourself!

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